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LINCOLN INSURANCE GROUPS SERVICE is to provide the best insurance value for each client.  Just as one size never fits all in the garment or shoe industry, we feel the same is true in insurance.  We want to do what is best for the client each and every time.  Just like our namesake 'Lincoln', we wish to be first and foremost men of character - someone you can trust! Let Lincoln Insurance Group provide you with a complete policy review for your piece of mind.

We provide no obligation quotes for all your insurance needs: Auto, Home, Life, Health and Commercial and Specialty Coverage for Motorcycle, Boats, Campers, Motor Homes, Antique Auto's and Snow Mobiles.

Auto and Motorcycle Insurance

Auto insurance is an essential part of owning and maintaining a motor vehicle, yet as the auto insurance requirements of each state are different, it can be confusing to to know how to comply with Ohio's insurance requirements. Lincoln Insurance Group  is here to help, and has prepared this section of our website to help you understand your obligations under Ohio law. We are here to serve you, and look forward to assisting you with all your auto insurance needs. 

Home Owners Insurance

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment you will make in your life. After the time, effort and money spent in achieving home ownership, you and your family deserve the peace of mind of knowing that if your property is damaged, or you are the victim of a crime such as burglary or vandalism, you will be financially protected and your family will be safe.

Health Insurance

A health insurance plan or a health service plan protects an insured or member by promising to either pay for medical care or provide medical care.  In the case of a health insurance policy traditional insurance provided that it would pay for any reasonable, medically necessary care required to treat an illness or injury.  The insured, as a patient, was free to choose his or her health.  In an effort to control health care costs, new forms of health insurance and health service plans have developed which have resulted in lower premiums.  The lower premiums generally are achieved through a reduction in choice of health care providers, a reduction in the type and amount of benefits available, stricter controls on the type and amount of care given by providers.  No matter if you are single or married with dependents, our list of healthcare insurance providers will give you the best possible price depending upon your health and habits.

Life Insurance

Lincoln Insurance Groups insurance is an exciting approach to life insurance that can help meet multiple needs with one policy by offering you financial protection against covered critical, chronic or terminal illnesses and conditions.  With LIG insurance, you have the option to accelerate some or all of your life insurance benefit before your death to help offset the financial strain associated with a serious illness or condition such as a major heart attack, invasive cancer or stroke. 

Business Insurance

Adequate business insurance coverage is an essential part of running and protecting your business. Lincoln Insurance Group has been providing commercial insurance for over five years, and as a local, established company, our dedicated insurance agents can tailor a policy to your exact requirements. 

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